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‘God’s own country’ to be used in prison

Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them; those who are being tortured, as though you yourselves were being tortured. Hebrews 13.3

Jack Monaghan is a Case Management Coordinator at Yatala Labour Prison, and the ministry formation student at St Jude’s, Brighton. 

Not long after Jack arrived at St Jude’s in late 2023, we began talking about how the parish might support the prisoners at Yatala in some way. 

Jack Monaghan collecting 50 ABM studies from Steve Daughtry, which be delivered to SA prisons.

Jack quickly received a positive response to our offer from Craig Bossie, the Senior Coordinating Chaplain. Craig agreed that the ABM study God’s Own Country- First nations voices speak to the church’ was appropriate for the prison setting in 2024.

It is especially wonderful as an option because it includes contributions by Reverend Cameron Burr, and Bishop Chris McLeod, who are both Adelaide clergy.

We were slightly overwhelmed to hear that the dozen anticipated participants, would in fact be about 50 prisoners from Yatala Labour Prison, Cadell Training Centre, and Adelaide Women’s Prison.

However, we had committed to the idea so reached out to ABM through Meagan Schwarz, and Steve Daughtry, who wasted no time in supporting this venture by providing the financial support for half of the 50 studies.

Will you please join St Jude’s in praying for prisoners, and prisons in Lent 2024?

We pray that our God of justice and mercy may be known, and seen at work, in prisons this Lent- and that future blessings may flow from this Lenten journey.

Thank you ABM, Craig, Jack, and the team who will make this study a blessing at Yatala Labour Prison, Cadell Training Centre, and Adelaide Women’s Prison.