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National grandparents conference at Glen Osmond

Being a grandparent is a role of a lifetime. It’s a chance to relive parenthood, but with the luxury of time and the wisdom of experience.

It’s like watching a movie for a second time, when one can appreciate the nuances missed during the first view.

This unique perspective allows grandparents to impart life’s crucial lessons while nurturing grandchildren with tender love and care. Being a grandparent is not just about spoiling the grandkids, it’s about leaving an indelible impact on their lives. 

And so, St Saviours, Glen Osmond is taking part in the National Grandparents Conference on Saturday 16 September. The conference will be simulcast from Figtree Anglican in Wollongong between 8.30 am and 4 pm from the church.

The conference will feature various speakers who aim to engage, equip and encourage grandparents and ministry leaders to be intentional in leaving a legacy for others to follow, especially our grandchildren, a legacy that shapes their character and faith. 

The National Grandparent Movement’s origins are in 2017, when the Rev’d Ian Barnett, himself a grandparent, says he started to wonder, “What is the faith legacy I am leaving behind?.

He says he became convinced that there was a need to provide opportunities for others who had the same conviction to be engaged.

Registrations are open for this conference through the Rev’d Paul Devenport on 0412 320 375 and Parish Secretary, Bobbie Luks on 8379 4114

Alternatively, by email [email protected] or [email protected]

The cost to attend is just $25 for the day, which includes lunch. This will be a group booking and so names will be needed for registration by 8 September.