Parish News

Holy Cross Elizabeth closes

Holy Cross, Anglican Church at Elizabeth is closing as a centre of Anglican worship, and the building has been sold to a Korean religious group.

The ashes and memorial plaques in the Memorial Garden will be relocated to a newly created Memorial Garden in the cemetery at St Johns Anglican Church, Salisbury.

Speaking on ABC Adelaide radio, the Secretary of Synod, Mr Joe Thorp, said staff of the North Road Cemetery and will commence work in the near future.

“Our team from North Road Cemetery will very, very carefully, transpose those ashes and plaques to a new memorial garden,” he said.

“But there’ll be some families who will want to take the ashes and put them somewhere else. We’ve had a couple that want to place them privately in their own garden.

If this affects you or your family, or if you would like to nominate an alternative site, please get in touch with the manager of North Road Cemetery Telephone: 8344 1051 Email: [email protected]