Despair transformed to joy

The Easter message for 2022 by the Archbishop of Adelaide, and Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Geoff Smith

The situation looked very grim for Jesus’ disciples that first Easter. 

Jesus had been arrested, shamefully treated, and killed. The last thing they expected was his resurrection, and yet that’s what happened, and that’s what we celebrate each Sunday and especially at Easter. 

Jesus’ resurrection brought hope and possibility and pointed ultimately to the new creation God is bringing to the whole world.

This Easter season finds many people around the world in grim situations. 

Ukrainians continue to suffer due to the Russian invasion of their country. Millions of other people, especially in Europe, are suffering due to higher fuel and food costs because of Russia’s action. There are other wars and conflicts where people are suffering, among them South Sudan, Myanmar, and Afghanistan. 

Here in Australia, many communities are being impacted by floods and the ongoing effects of climate change are felt all around the world. Covid 19 continues to rage everywhere.

You’d have to say that for many of the world’s population, things may look hopeless. And without the resurrection they would be. But because of it, there is hope. 

Hope of change and renewal.  

Hope that light will come from dark. 

Hope that the kingdom of God will be revealed.

And in the meantime, God will continue to give strength as we turn to him and trust him.

The death of Jesus on the cross showed the depth of God’s love for the whole world and brought the hope of forgiveness and reconciliation between God and humanity. 

The resurrection of Jesus proved that Jesus is Messiah, saviour, and ended the hold of death over creation. We continue to wait for the revealing of all the fruit of Easter, but we wait as people filled with hope because of what happened. 

The despair of the disciples was transformed to joy when they realised Jesus was raised from the dead. May we be filled with joy as we celebrate Easter and look forward its fruit in our world.